The Story

Amanda Gordon, Certified Personal Trainer | Founder, Tribe Fitness

Amanda Gordon, Certified Personal Trainer | Founder, Tribe Fitness

Dreams, if they’re any good, are always a little bit crazy.
— Ray Charles

The Company

Tribe Fitness was launched in January of 2018 as a place for women to get a great workout, connect with other women, and have a moment to step outside the hectic day-to-day of motherhood and take some time for themselves.

The mission of Tribe Fitness is to provide a supportive, engaging, uplifting environment for women to achieve their fitness, wellness, and lifestyle goals. Join us for a class and experience the magic that happens when a bunch of badass mamas get together to make even the loftiest of fitness dreams a reality. No judgement, no pressure. Bring your kid messy-haired and missing a shoe. You will be met with nothing but sisterly love and if you wish, a huge cup of coffee.

Our Claim to Fame: Childcare!

All Tribe Group Fitness classes include childcare provided by qualified, experienced staff. Childcare is also available for private and small group training at Amanda’s home studio or the client’s home.

The Founder

Amanda Gordon is a business owner, NASM-Certified Personal Trainer and mother of two. She began her career as a personal trainer in 2003 and recently returned to the industry after a 10-year hiatus, during which time she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Master’s in Business Administration. She worked as a field representative for a State Legislator, as a freelance public relations consultant, and as the public affairs director for a state health care district. She always maintained a love and commitment to health and fitness throughout every endeavor, and decided to follow her heart back to the industry in 2017. Having had firsthand experience with the challenges of incorporating fitness into her everyday life as a mom, she envisioned a fitness community designed for busy women that offered convenience, encouragement, and a LOT of “mama-raderie.” Amanda hopes her journey will inspire other women to dream big, work hard, and uplift those around them.


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