We're in!

Well, I somehow convinced 11 women to join me on this crazy, thrilling, and challenging journey. I did a Ragnar Relay YEARS ago, and still remember how exhilarating a team-building experience it was. I wanted to offer the opportunity to my clients and friends to experience what I did, while setting BIG fitness goals for themselves individually. The majority of our team are beginners - some have never run for distance, ever. This is perfect! I know each woman on our team is going to have a powerful experience - individually and as a member of this fantastic group of badass mamas! Those who were crazy enough to sign on I truly believe will remember this journey forever. Stay tuned for updates as we launch into this amazing ride!

Learn more about the Ragnar Relay at https://www.runragnar.com/event-detail/relay/southerncalifornia#overview

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Amanda Gordon